Artiste Peintre
Professeur d'Arts Plastiques
Sociétaire des Artistes Français

     Brigitte Buscail-Lipsky participated to the Salon d'Automne 2012 on the Champs-Elysées (Paris-France) in October 2012


  An intensive fire – the fire of creativity given full rein – animates the work of Brigitte Buscail-Lipsky. The spontaneity and intensity of her artistic expression shine in a perfectly built world where she knows how to give and share.

Her paintings are pure energy, delivered via recurrent themes of music, fiesta and masquerade. Her palette matches the vitality of her subject matter. Often dominated by reds, whose secret she alone knows, her colors are always lively and sincere, and she often uses bold harmonies of tone to drive home her message.

Her people – always numerous, often masked or made up – communicate with each other and with us in an intense, inevitable and imperious interactivity of the moment, a kind of Commedia del Arte – human comedy in the drama of life!

François Camarra - Univers des Arts - Summer 2000



L'art de Brigitte Buscail-Lipsky a été présenté dans le cadre de « La pensée créative et scientifique contemporaine » de Ratimir Pavlović en France, aux Etats Unis, en Italie, au canada, en suisse et en Belgique.

Ecoutons « regardons plutôt » cette appréciation de Ratimir Pavlović « chez Brigitte Buscail-Lipsky les Couleurs naissent comme le soleil se lève. »

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